Welcome at Classic Parechocs

An early 60’s Italian sports car, a family treasured oldtimer, we all have fallen in love at some time. Restoring the treasure is often an adventure full of unusual encounters. You will make friends for life. but also encounter difficulties and disappointments. Especially with regard to bumpers, re-chromed at great expense.

However we have the solution for you. Brand new bumpers in mirror polished stainless steel. Stainless steel cannot rust, and the mirror polished finish is identical to chrome.

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The Job

The Workshop

The main part of daily activity takes place in the workshop. Indeed all the bumpers sold by us are assembled for verification, and subsequently receive an exclusive finish by hand. All leftover traces of industrial cutting and/or welding are removed, then the edges are smoothed and the bumpers receive final polishing.

This finish is specific to our products and cannot be purchased elsewhere. It is also the reason why many major restoring companies have adopted our bumpers.

Classic Parechocs is a company based in France. Our products have fixed prices and CEE customers will not suffer any disagreeable surprises like extra custom fees, or VAT to pay when receiving their parcels. US and oversees customers, please contact us for a price quote.


The people

Who are we

Bastiaan is the drive behind Classic Parechocs. It is with him that you will be in contact. He will answer you on the phone and/or email, and it is he again who will do the final finishings on your bumpers. No set of bumpers will leave the workshop without passing trough his hands.

He is also your contact for made to measure manufacturing and special requests.

Christoph takes care of manufacturing details at the factory. Michèle manages the blog where you will find not only customer testimonials, but also a joyful collection of images relating art and history with classic cars, from it's beginnings to the present day.