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Jaguar was founded as the Swallow Sidecar Company by Sir William Lyons in 1922, originally making motorcycle sidecars before evolving into passenger cars. Jaguar made its name after the 2nd world war by producing a series of extremely eye-catching sports cars. The core of this success was the Twin Cam Straight Six Cylinder Engine, a design conceived pre-war and realised during the hostilities. This engine became the mainstay powerplant of Jaguar, used in the revolutionary XK 120, Mk VII Saloon, Mk I and II Saloons and XK 140 and XK I50 as well as the stunning E Type in 1961, itself a development from the race winning and Le Mans conquering C and D Type Sports Racing cars. Few engines have demonstrated such ubiquity and longevity: the Twin OHC "XK Engine", as it came to be known, was last used in the Jaguar XJ6 saloon from 1969 up to 1992. Properly maintained the standard production XK Engine would happily achieve 200,000 miles of useful life. -

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Jaguar XK 120 bumpers

Price €1,085.00
Jaguar XK120 (1948-1954).  Kit consists of 2 front bumpers and 2 rear bumpers, nuts and bolts included.

Jaguar XK 140 bumpers

Price €1,980.00
Jaguar XK140 (1954-1957). The set consists of one front bumper with two overriders, and two rear corner bumpers with each one overrider. Impressive.

Jaguar XK 150 bumpers

Price €2,185.00
Jaguar XK 150 (1957-1961). The proposed set consists of a front bumper and a rear bumper, both fitted with overriders.A very nice alternative to...

Jaguar E-Type XKE Series...

Price €1,695.00
Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 1 and 1.5 (1961-1968).  The set consists of 2 front bumpers with grab-in pieces, 2 rear bumpers and 4 overriders. You will...

Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 2...

Price €1,860.00
Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 2 (1969-1971).  This nice set consists of 1 front bumper in three parts, 1 rear bumper in three parts and 4 overriders. A...

Jaguar E-Type XKE series 3...

Price €1,740.00
Jaguar E-Type XKE Series 3 (1971-1975).  Kit consists of 2 front bumpers with overriders and 1 rear bumper in three parts with two overriders. Our...

Dunlop brakes and cylinders

Price €246.25
Dunlop replacement calipers. With the expert help of a specialist, Classic Parechocs offers an hard anodized alloy replacement for the original...

Jaguar Mark 7 bumpers

Price €2,240.00
Jaguar Mark 7 (1950-1954).  An imposing bumper set for a historic Jaguar type. Beautifully produced.

Jaguar Mark 8 and 9 bumpers

Price €2,160.00
Jaguar Mark VIII and IX (1956-1961).  Evolutions of the Mark 7M with more powerful engines.The Mark 9 is the first mass market Jaguar to be fitted...

Jaguar Mark 2 Deep bumpers

Price €2,085.00
Jaguar Mark II (1959-1967). The E-Type engine combined with timeless classic British charm. A "gentleman's private club" on wheels. Of course...