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Henri Ford, father of modern car assembly might not have approved of Ford’s production being handeld this way. Digging it’s way through awkward and rather hostile terrain in the 1969 San Remo rally this Ford Escort MK1 Twin Cam shows what it’s worth. Still a very popular rally beast, it proved to be one of the most exiting cars in competition during the late 60ties. Lighter than a Cortina, doted with a stiff structure and good balance, it enjoyed a remarkable run of sporting successes, showing that small cars can really deliver great performance and pleasure. -

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Ford Anglia 105E bumpers

Price €995.00
Ford Anglia 105E (1959-1967). Surprising by its robustness and sobriety. This car is typical of the British understatement.We offer brand new...

OSI 20m TS bumpers

Price €1,385.00
OSI 20m TS coupé (1967-1968). Italian design with Ford Taunus mechanics. The car was produced by Officine Stampaggi Industriale after a design by...

Meguiars Metal Polish

Price €16.80
Meguiars Metal Polish. Extreme fine grain. Tested and approved by us. Profound shine.

Microfibre Ultime

Price €15.00
Megiuars Microfibre Ultimate Reinforces the shine obtained with the polish.