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BMW 503 coupé and convertible

Price €1,950.00
BMW 503 (1956-1959). Twin sister to the world famous 507 cabriolet, the 503 coupé based on the BMW 502 architecture and mechanics never reached the...

BMW 2000 CS Coupé

Price €1,830.00
BMW 2000 CS (1965-1969). This masterpiece designed by W. Hofmeister, built at Karmann is certainly a visual slap. The front treatment with the...

BMW Series 02

Price €1,395.00
For BMW 02 Series. First years 1968/1971. First version of the car that placed BMW on the map. An undeniable commercial success at the time. Today...

BMW 2002 Coach

Price €1,460.00
BMW 1802 and 2002 Coach (1971-1975). Type E10. The set consists of a three-piece front bumper plus buffers, and a three-piece rear bumper plus...

BMW 700 bumpers

Price €1,260.00
BMW 700 (1959-1965). Kit consists of 1 front bumper in two parts and 1 rear bumper in two parts. Assembly as on original.Great bumper for small car.

BMW GT / Glas GT bumpers

Price €1,345.00
BMW GT / Glas GT (1964-1968). For this rare small GT the set consists of 1 front bumper and 1 rear bumper in three elements as at the origin. The...

Dunlop brakes and cylinders

Price €225.00
Dunlop replacement calipers. With the expert help of a specialist, Classic Parechocs offers an hard anodized alloy replacement for the original...

Meguiars Metal Polish

Price €16.80
Meguiars Metal Polish. Extreme fine grain. Tested and approved by us. Profound shine.

Microfibre Ultime

Price €15.00
Megiuars Microfibre Ultimate Reinforces the shine obtained with the polish.