Gordon Keeble

Gordon Keeble


Created by John Gordon and Jim Keeble, two English engineers, the Gordon GT was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in 1960. With the bodywork designed by Bertone, the car was well received. Especially since it offered 4 real seats, vast luggage space and a big American engine. A formula already successfully employed by Facel Vega, Iso Rivolta and others.
But commercialisation doesn’t take place immediately, even though Corvette agreed to supply the engines. A few years pass before the start of production, with now a fiberglass body instead of the aluminum used for the prototype. This bodywork is manufactured by William & Pritchard, a factory which already supplies a large number of small English manufacturers. Inside, there is a passenger compartment that lives up to ambitions with leather, wood and numerous counters. An engineerer’s car with solutions that are often expensive to implement.

Not having the necessary means to advance the funds for the purchase of parts and salaries, and moreover handicapped by a strike at one of their suppliers, Gordon Keeble is unable to supply the cars ordered by the customers. At the end of 18 months of activity the bankruptcy arrives and the company is liquidated after only 80 cars have been produced.
Epilogue. After liquidation the company was taken over and re-capitalized by Harold Smith. Manufacturing was restarted but only 8 cars were built now named Gordon Keeble IT (International Touring). Then the company was sold to Mr de Bruyne, the car was slightly re-styled and renamed De Bruyne, and another ten cars were produced before final curtain.

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Gordon Keeble GT (1964-1967). An unexpected British car equipped with a Chevrolet engine, and dressed in pure Italian style by Giugiaro for...