Alfa Romeo GT 1750 & 2000 Veloce GTV bumper

Alfa Romeo GTV 1750 & 2000 Bertone


Alfa Romeo GT, GTV, 1750, 2000 coupé Bertone.

Today, in order to satisfy fans of the more powerful Alfa's GTV's we present our new model for the Bertone second generation coupé. Mirror polished stainless steel. Success guaranteed.
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Alfa Romeo GT 1750 S2 and GT 2000 Véloce coupé Bertone (1970-1976).
Mirror polished stainless steel bumper set composed of 2 (front) and 3 (rear) pieces including overriders. These are of course supplied with their rubbers. The bumpers come standard assembled with rivets. Nuts and bolts for assembling and fitting provided.
On demand we can replace the rivets with blind head screws allowing more adjustment when mounting the bumpers. An elegant and effective solution.
The bakelite parts positioned under the overriders are not included in the offer.
Final finishes as always done by hand in our workshop located in the Aveyron (12) France.
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Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.