Citroen SM bumpers

Citroën SM bumpers


Citroën SM (1970-1975).

Queen of the road with a tragic destiny. Probably one of the most innovative cars of the seventies.
Not only because of the hydropneumatic suspension, but also the Diravi hydraulic steering conception, disk brakes with hydraulic assistance and the first “grand public“ car with a glued on windscreen.
The original silhouette and bodywork (designed by Robert Opron) are a milestone in car design of those years. The petrol crisis, but also the takeover of Citroen by Peugeot got the better of this unique car.
Our bumpers of superior quality compared to originals, are thicker and in mirror polished stainless steel of course.
available spring 2021
For Citroën SM (1970-1975).  AVAILABLE LATE SPRING 2021
The set  consists of 1 front bumper in two parts with central embellisher and 1 rear lower bumper. The rubbers are not part of the endowment, but can be obtained from the SM Club France (you must become a member).
The upper rear bumper may be re-manufactured later. All parts in mirror polished stainless steel.
These bumpers are exclusively produced by Classic Parechocs in collaboration with RGP Regembeau, Citroen SM specialist in Creches sur Saone, France.

Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.