Intermeccanica Italia bumpers


Intermeccanica Italia (1967-1973). 

The Italia coupé and cabriolet are the final outcome of a project that Reisner, the initiator of Intermeccanica, had planned to conquer the United States by teaming up with Jack Griffith. The Griffith GT 600.
The project is abandoned following Griffith's bankruptcy filing. Reisner pickes up the pieces and with minor modifications creates the Italia.
The bodydesign of the car is finalised by Franco Scaglione on a chassis imagined by Crostwhaite and fitted with a 4.5 L Ford V8 engine.
First baptized Torino (probably in honor of the city where Intermeccanica is installed) it will be marketed under the name of Italia. Ford had already registered the Torino name, to later use it on a very successful musclecar.

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For Intermeccacnica Italia (1967-1973).
The proposed set set contains two front bumpers and one rear bumper. Mirror polished stainless steel. These bumpers are great replacement parts for the (usually) rusty original ones. Most probably better quality than the original  bumpers. Lifelong guarantee.
The shown rear bumper has no licence plate light holes. However these can be drilled to your convenience.
Perfect reproduction. Hand finished in our workshop in France. All edges are smoothed and polished by hand. No traces of cutting as can be seen so often, but instead a nice silky feeling. This finishing is our trademark, specific to all products commercialised by us and part of our engagement for quality.
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Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.