Jaguar Mark 7 bumpers

Jaguar Mark 7 bumpers


Jaguar Mark 7 (1950-1954). 

An imposing bumper set for a historic Jaguar type.
Beautifully produced.
special order, please call
For Jaguar Mark 7 (19550-1954). Early MK7 model.  
Attention, these bumpers will only fit the early MK7. The later MK7M bumpers after 1954 do not have the same shape !

Kit consists of 1 front bumper, 1 rear bumper and 4 overriders. Including bolts and seals. 
Superb reproduction in high grade stainless steel, hand polished to a mirror finish. Replicas from originals they share shape, fit and dimensions,are absolutely identical and look astounding ! 

Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.