Mercedes 600 bumpers

Mercedes 600 type W100 bumpers


Mercedes 600 (1964-1981).

A superb set magnifying this uncompromising car. Fitting like Cinderella's pump to this Mercedes masterpiece. 35 kilo's of beautifully shaped stainless steel.
soon available
For Mercedes 600, type W100 (1964-1981). 
Made to order only.  Light crème finish on the inside as original. Sturdy stainless steel construction. Highly mirror polished with a shine equivalent to chrome, but without rustproblems ! All items there, nuts and bolts provided. More pictures on demand.
All our bumpers receive an exclusive hand finish in our workshop in France. The result is an incomparable quality, no cutting edge or traces, they are eliminated with a smooth file, then silkened with ultra fine grit sandpaper. Edges and tips are then polished again. This finish is specific to our products and is our signature and commitment to quality.

Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.