Mercedes W108 W109 250 SE, 280 SE bumpers, Stoßstangen

Mercedes W108 250SE, 280SE 280 SEL bumpers


Mercedes W108 W109 250S, 250SE, 280SE, 300SEL (1965-1972).

Using the platform of the W111 series, the W108 inaugurates the new Paul Bracq style without the now obsolete fins. The car is also, depending on the engine, delivered standard with automatic gearbox. At that time far from common.
In its W109 version it is equipped with pneumatic suspensions.
Our bumpers are fitted to all W108 and 109 models, delivered of course with the rubber strip, and white/cream paint on the inside, as original.
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For Mercedes W108 - 250S, 250SE, 280S, 280SE, 280 SEL 300 SEL (1965 -'72).
Kit consists of 1 front bumper in four parts plus joining strip and 1 rear bumper in four parts plus joining strip. Rubber and assembling nuts and bolts supplied. A very nice reproduction in mirror polished stainless steel, hand finished in our workshop in the south of France.  Great looks. The lifetimle warranty provided by us means no more rust problems !

Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.