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Mercedes 190SL grill

Mercedes W121, 190SL complete grill with star


Mercedes 190 SL Roaster Grill surround (1955-1963).

Superb reproduction and the final touch after a beautiful, proper restoration.
This polished stainless steel grille, durable and unalterable, can only please you. Delivered to you with the two “wings” and icentral barrel with star.
Also available are anti-gravel shoes.
Benefit from a discount when purchasing simultaneously with a pair of our bumpers!
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For Mercedes 190 SL Roaster (1955-1963).
Delivered are one grill surround , two side wings, barrel and star.
This part has to be considered “a reproduction” but will fit perfectly in place of an original Mercedes part. However, the star is solidairy to the central barrel and not detachable as on the original Mercedes parts. Visually this doesn't change anything. Also available wing skids against supplement.
All our bumpers and parts receive an exclusive hand finish in our workshop in the south of France. The result is an incomparable quality, all cutting marks and residues are eliminated with a smooth file, then silkened with ultra fine grit sandpaper. Edges and tips are then polished again. This finish is specific to our products and is our signature and commitment to quality. 
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Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.