Renault 8 Gordini bumpers


Renault 8 Gordini and 8S (1964-1970).

The dream of any french kid at driving age in 1965 is the “Gordini“.
One of the first really sporty cars available for the money of a production car. The success is immediate, especially since it has no real competitor in its price range.
It gives birth to the Gordini Cup and allows many young people to show their talents there, this event will be a breeding ground for young talents, among them many future big names.
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For Renault 8 Gordini and 8S (1956-1967).
Very nice reproduction. Front bumper in three parts plus two overriders, rear bumper in three parts plus two overriders. Stainless steel nuts and bolts included.
All of our bumpers are pre-assembled for inspection, then receive an exclusive finish by hand in our workshop in Aveyron( 12) south of France. The result is top notch quality, no traces of industrial cutting, no sharp edges, all are softened up with a file, then finished with fine sandpaper before polishing. This finish is specific to our products and is our signature.
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Our bumpers are all made of 304 stainless steel. This quality allows us to offer you a lifetime anti-corrosion guarantee.